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Live Tracking

Kinetic Events has developed over the years a fantastic Live tracking platform suited for all kinds of events.

The live tracking platform is used in all of Kinetic Events Adventure races in South Africa and abroad. The live tracking system is also used by other organisers during trail running, mountain biking, motor sport and horse riding events.

Live tracking benefits is numerous. Viiewers at home can “follow” their teams or athlete’s progress. Sponsor logos can be added to live tracking page to maximise brand exposure. The event organiser can have piece of mind and ensure the safety of the participants by always knowing where all the competitors are.

Rental Spot Gen3 trackers:

  • R300 rental per 24 hours
  • Included waterproof pouch
  • Included Batteries

Excluded: Courier costs

Back-end service: AUS DOLLAR 500

Back end fee includes the following:

  • Provide customized event web page (Google map & list of competitor names)
  • Add suggested route (kml) to Google map
  • Add Checkpoints (CPs) to Google map
  • Add organisers logo to Google map
  • Add competitor names and numbers to GPS backend tracking server
  • Configure SPOT account with custom SOS & HELP messages, containing organisers contact details
  • Test all SPOT trackers prior to event start
  • Monitor SPOT trackers during event
  • Provide competitors GPX historical tracks after event (if required)

For bookings, more information or questions regarding the above please contact Stephan Muller email: