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Expedition Africa 60 km Adventure


See event details below!

Online Entry, Entry Procedure, Cancellations and Refunds



  • R 3000 per team of four members. 
  • R 1500 per team of two members. 


Teams may cancel their entry at any stage by e-mailing the event organizers. 

  • No refunds are applicable at any stage.
  • Only make a payment for your entry when certain that you will attend the event. Once you have made a payment, we start planning for your participation and costs are being incurred.
  • Teams are not permitted to transfer their fees paid to future events if they are not able to make this edition of the event.
  • Teams are permitted to transfer or sell their entry to another team if available. This will be a transaction between the teams. Teams must notify Expedition Africa as soon as possible in the case of a team entry being transferred or sold.
  • If two teams do not have sufficient members and decide to join together, this will be strictly considered as one team cancelling their entry. Refund policy will be as stated above, no exceptions.
  • If the race is cancelled due to acts of God, natural disasters, terrorism, or other reasons, the organizers will make every effort to refund as much of the entry fee as possible to all teams. However, all teams should be aware that any refunds will be considered after event costs have been calculated. Given the high number of fixed costs associated with organizing the race teams should also be aware that any refund is likely to be minimal. The race will not be re-scheduled.
Race Concept


  • Teams of two people will complete an unmarked course with the aid of a map, visiting checkpoints on foot, mountainbike and kayak.
  • What is Adventure Racing:
  • Teams are expected to navigate using a map and landmarks.
  • The first team to complete the whole course, with all the control points visited will be declared the winner.
  • Teams are required to complete the entire distance together (always within hearing and visual distance of each other), helping and assisting each other.
  • Teamwork and team dynamics are essential. A detailed understanding of your teammates and of your own capabilities is essential.
Find a Team


If you want to join an existing team, create a new team or are looking for members to fill up your team, contact us at and we will list your contact details below:



  • The best way to be part of the race if you cannot participate yourself is to become a volunteer.
  • If you are interested please contact Franco – 084 240 7962 or mail at
  • Volunteers just need to reach the registration venue on their own cost.
  • Come and be part of this adventure.
Team format

TEAM FORMAT – teams of 4

  • Mixed team of 4 (any combination of males and females)
  • Male team of 4
  • Female team of 4
  • School team (any combination of team members still in school)

TEAM FORMAT – teams of 2

  • Mixed pair (1 male & 1 female)
  • Male pair (2 males)
  • Female pair (2 females)
  • School pair (any combination of team members still in school)
Dates and Location Information


  • Saturday 20 April 2024




  • Registration: 6h30 – 7h30
  • Transition Box Load: No later than 7h30
  • Race briefing: 7h40
  • Race start: 8h00
  • Awards Ceremony: 15h00

Distance, Route and Disciplines


  • The race will cover approximately 60 km.
  • Duration 5 hour to 8,5 hours
  • Mountain biking = 42 km (approx).
  • Trekking = 15 km (approx).
  • Kayaking = 5 km (approx).


  • Mountain biking – Teams should be prepared for a range of riding including single track, steep hills, gravel roads and sealed roads.
  • Trekking – Will involve traveling by foot through rugged and diverse terrain. 
  • Kayaking – Kayaking will be on flat water. Kayaks and paddles will be provided by the organizers. Fluid Synergy kayaks will be used. These kayaks are very stable and are suitable for novices.  
  • Orienteering – Basic orienteering is an extremely important part of the race. The course is not marked and teams are required to navigate using a map provided by the race organiser.


  • Teams will use a map to locate checkpoints to complete route.
  • Maps supplied will be colour Google maps and Topographical maps
  • Waterproofing of maps is essential. It is recommended that teams bring large zip-loc bags to waterproof maps.
  • Pen or markers is recommended to prepare route on map.
  • Maps will not be replaced if team misplaces maps.
Competency Required


  • At least two members of the team must be capable of navigating by compass and map. The team must be able to orientate a map too objects and landmarks in their surroundings.
  • The teams must be able to describe what your team will do if it became lost.
  • All team members must be suitably competent in all the disciplines included in the event as specified by the race organizer and be able to complete the event without any assistance from any person other than their own team members.
  • By entering this event, teams acknowledge that they are competent in all skills as stated above to complete such an event.
Equipment required and Inspection


Download the equipment list here: Equipment List

Event Rules & Regulations & Personal Responsibility


Click HERE for the ARWS rules & regulations (download & save a copy)


  •  I understand and acknowledge that participating in this event is a dangerous activity. I am aware and understand the activities I will be involved in. I am aware of the hazards involved and acknowledge that there is always risk of injury (including permanent injury, mental injury, paralysis and death). In my judgment I have sufficient competence, knowledge, common sense, experience, survival skills and equipment to participate in all the event activities in a manner safe to myself and others.
  • I understand and agree that, in the first instance, I am responsible for the provision of first aid to myself and those around me, I know and accept that rescue by the organisers, or emergency services, may not be possible immediately (e.g.: Night, rain, equipment failure, other rescue etc.)
  • If I get to a point in the course that I believe the level of inherent risk is unacceptable for me, and I am not confident in completing it safely, it is my responsibility to take action. I must choose an alternate route, avoid the hazard, or even withdraw from that leg or the race. I accept this self-responsibility.
  • Use common sense to “assess” areas for personal safety
  • I and my whole team have read this paragraph, understand it and indemnify the event organiser against all claims.
Eco Awareness


Teams are to adhere to the following stipulations at all times:

  • All waste is to be carried to the closest transition for disposal.
  • Picking of flowers, cutting of walking sticks and/or any damage to the natural vegetation (even though they might appear to be dead) is prohibited. The making of fires, whatever the circumstances and no matter how small, are prohibited along the entire route.
  • No tree, rock etc. may be defaced in any manner.
  • Be polite and courteous to all teams, organisers, spectators and anybody that will be present on event day.
Prizes & Awards


  • All adventures will receive an Expedition Africa medal.